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  • How I Spent My Summer

    How I Spent My Summer

    It’s interesting how often events and project don’t quite roll out as I imagine they will. These past nine months have been a perfect example of that. I always begin the year plotting a course, imagining what projects I’d like to finish, continue or start, what new creative possibilities I should pursue. Back in January,…

  • [Re-]Introducing Manomayakaya #3 – “Let it pervade everywhere”

    [Re-]Introducing Manomayakaya #3 – “Let it pervade everywhere”

    Important Update, May 1, 2023: After thoughtful consideration, Arts Gowanus has decided to pull the plug on our Artsy gallery, referenced in the post below. The Artsy site will be up just until May 15, after which time the links below will no longer work. Welcome to March 2023! Somehow, 10 years has elapsed since…

  • Happy Holidays!

    Here’s wishing everyone a very happy, safe and peaceful holiday!

  • The longest night of the year …

    Vocatus atque non vocatus deus aderit.

  • Painting of the week: “Osage chiasm”

    This week’s featured painting is an odd one I created way back in 2009.  “Osage chiasm” (that’s chiasm not chasm) is 20″H by 16″W, and is acrylic on canvas.  The piece is essentially a stylized portrait of one of my favorite trees: a very old Osage orange that lives on the Nethermead in Prospect Park,…

  • Wednesday’s watercolor

    For today: something from February, 2015.

  • Today’s watercolor

    Getting into the holiday spirit…

  • Featured painting of the week

    This week’s featured painting is “Reach” — a triptych I created in 2012.  This painting and some other square format paintings I created then were precursors to my Lifeworld series, and should almost be considered honorary members of the series.

  • Featured Painting of the Week: Bonsai in Bloom

    The featured painting of the week is back after a short hiatus.  This week we have “Bonsai in Bloom,” a painting in acrylic I created in 2010.  The painting is 30 inches wide (about 76cm) and 24 inches tall (60cm).  It is available for sale and is listed in my Square store.  Of course, if you…

  • Project: 365

    Project: 365

    Back in October, I started a new, year-long project to document my ongoing practice of visual exploration.  I think of this exploration as central to the work of the artist.  I’m calling the project simply “365” and the end result (to the extent that a project like this ever ends) will be 365 small watercolors presented at this…

  • Featured Painting of the Week: ‘Camperdown Pareidolia’

    Featured Painting of the Week: ‘Camperdown Pareidolia’

    This week’s featured painting is titled “Camperdown Pareidolia.” Completed late in 2010, this painting was a transitional piece between what I was doing throughout most of 2010 (for example Calamus I, completed in early 2010) and the sort of work I starting doing in 2011 and beyond. “Camperdown Pareidolia” is 24″ (approx. 60cm) by 30″…