From the archives (and Gowanus Open Studios this weekend!)

Good evening everyone. I’m busy getting ready for Gowanus Open Studios, which is happening this weekend! This year for Open Studios I’m doing something a little different — delving into the archives and pulling out some works from previous years to put on display in the studio.

I will plant companionship thick as trees (Calamus I), acrylic on canvas, 30×20″, 2010

The feature archive treasure for this year is a painting I did in early 2010 (amazing that it was that long ago): I will plant companionship thick as trees (Calamus I) inspired by the a poem by Walt Whitman, “Calamus 5”:

“I will plant companionship thick as trees along all the /rivers of America, and along the shores of the great /lakes, and all over the prairies, /I will make inseparable cities, with their arms about each other’s necks.”

-Walt Whitman, Calamus 5, 1860.

I’ve been thinking of this series of Calamus paintings I did in 2010 a lot lately. It’s in these paintings that I first started exploring the motif that is a key part of my big mural on Nevins and DeGraw Streets, completed this past summer.

It’s nice to take this painting out of storage and give it a chance to breathe. It looks just as fresh as ever.

Be sure to visit me at Gowanus Open Studios this weekend. I’ll be a Trestle Art Space, 62 18th Street, on the first floor. I hope to see you there!



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