Featured Painting of the Week: ‘Camperdown Pareidolia’

This week’s featured painting is titled “Camperdown Pareidolia.” Completed late in 2010, this painting was a transitional piece between what I was doing throughout most of 2010 (for example Calamus I, completed in early 2010) and the sort of work I starting doing in 2011 and beyond.

"Camperdown pareidolia", mixed media on canvas, 24Hx30W", 2010.
“Camperdown pareidolia”, mixed media on canvas, 24Hx30W”, 2010.

“Camperdown Pareidolia” is 24″ (approx. 60cm) by 30″ (76cm) wide. This piece is “mixed media” on canvas and is noteworthy being composed largely with R&F oil pigment sticks.

The title of piece came about in a sort of unpremeditated way.  The piece was inspired by the Camperdown Elm, a somewhat famous specimen tree in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, so that part’s a given.  I showed it to a friend of mine who felt that she saw a figure in the painting, which is not there (at least not intentionally). She introduced me to the term pareidolia — a pyschological phenomenon where a random sense stimulus (image or sound) is perceived as significant.  The classic example is seeing forms in clouds. This has since become one of my favorite words, even serving as the name of my tumblr blog!

“Camperdown pareidolia” is for sale, and is listed through my Square online store.



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