Hello world! (and welcome to the Eye of the Artist)

Welcome to my new blog, “Eye of the Artist | John Azelvandre Art Notes“.  This blog succeeds and essentially replaces my old blogger blog “Hominy Grits,” which had served me so well for over 11 years.  There were certain limitations with that blog and the best solution for me is a new start for a new year!

I want to make this new start and refocus and re-energize my blogging activities solely on the arts, and particularly on my own art.  Additionally, I’ll be offering occasional observations on particular art happenings and events I come across, on artistic inspiration, and so forth.

This blog is a new work in progress! It’s pretty bare bones at the moment.  Stay tuned for more interesting developments.  Happy New Year!

Lifeworld 28 - detail
Lifeworld 28, oil on canvas, 20×20″, 2014 (detail)