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  • Project: 365

    Project: 365

    Back in October, I started a new, year-long project to document my ongoing practice of visual exploration.  I think of this exploration as central to the work of the artist.  I’m calling the project simply “365” and the end result (to the extent that a project like this ever ends) will be 365 small watercolors presented at this…

  • Featured painting of the week: Skandha 3 (Torso 3)

    Featured painting of the week: Skandha 3 (Torso 3)

    This week’s featured painting is Skandha 3 (Torso 3), a figurative piece I created late in 2013.  I mentioned my figurative work earlier in the week in my post about new Etsy listings.  This week’s featured oil painting is among the larger figurative works I’ve done and this one explores an interesting geometric expression of…