Tag: #2012

  • Featured painting of the week

    This week’s featured painting is “Reach” — a triptych I created in 2012.  This painting and some other square format paintings I created then were precursors to my Lifeworld series, and should almost be considered honorary members of the series.

  • Featured painting of the week: The House is Burning

    This week’s featured work is a painting — actually a diptych (two paintings that form one work) titled “The House is Burning.” The provocative title should make one think immediately of global warming – climate change.  That’s certainly appropriate, but there’s even more to the story.  Now seems like a good time feature this painting,…

  • Recently sold

    It’s been a busy summer and I’m pleased to have recently sold some paintings. First Manomayakaya #2 (pictured above), was sold, then this lovely watercolor: There are several places online where you can see my artwork, besides this blog: First my website, then for a more comprehensive catalog, my flickr page.  I am offering smaller,…