February Art News: works for sale!

Important Update, May 1, 2023: After thoughtful consideration, Arts Gowanus has decided to pull the plug on our Artsy gallery, referenced in the post below. The Artsy site will be up just until May 15, after which time the links below will no longer work.

Happy President’s Day everyone! Well, it’s been a bit too long since I’ve last posted — let’s say I was hibernating. Now, Groundhog Day is well past, and while we can’t say that Spring is here yet, perhaps there is a hint of it in the air.

I’ve been spending these winter months getting organized, both for new art and in taking inventory of existing works I have for sale.

Thanks to Arts Gowanus, you can find me on Artsy! I’ve just added three more paintings to my collection of works for sale there:

Lifeworld 48, 2022.
“Cloud Forest (Lifeworld 48)”, oil on canvas, 20×20″, 2022.
Frozen, 2022
“Frozen (Lifeworld study)”, oil on canvas, 2022
“Snowbound (Lifeworld Study)”, oil on canvas, 2022

This brings the total number of works I have listed on Artsy to 15. Check out the gallery here.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to purchase a painting.

These 15 works listed on Artsy are not the only works I have available. I’ve also been working on taking inventory and organizing my Flickr photo albums to more accurately reflect what I have in stock (I admit that I’ve lost track of some paintings, so the inventory is a work in progress!). I’ve got some great paintings still in my possession that would brighten up just about any space. For starters, take a look at my “Paintings” collection on Flickr, which is intended to represent my inventory of works available for sale (or for showing, if you’d like to put together an exhibition).

And by all means, feel free to browse all of the interesting stuff I have on Flickr, some of which goes way back!

Social media Round-Up

What social media are you spending the most time on these days? I’d say that the main platform I’m using right now is Instagram, and I also have a presence on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

I’ve barely used Tumblr lately, but perhaps I’ll try to revive it. As far as Twitter goes, I’ve been kind of lying low there since the Musk takeover, waiting to see what will happen. But I think I will start trying to make better use of it in the coming months. You’re welcome to follow and contact me on all of these sites!

Next time: some updates on current projects and latest goings-on in the studio!





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