Gowanus Open Studios is almost here!

Happy October everyone!  Gowanus Open Studios takes over Brooklyn in less than 2 weeks (October 16-18) and I’m involved in several exciting events during that weekend.

The Studio Tour weekend starts Friday October 16 with Beat Nite Gowanus, a Norte Maar production.  I’m pleased that Gowanus Swim Society – the neighborhood artists collective I’m a part of – has been included in the Beat Nite Gowanus Gallery walk.  The event runs from 6-10 pm Friday night.  Come by Halyards Bar to get a preview of Gowanus Swim’s show Telestrations!  See all the details on the Beat Nite Gowanus website!

Gowanus Open Studios starts in earnest on Saturday, October 17.  Studios throughout the neighborhood will be open from 12 noon to 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday, October 18.  Find me in my studio at Brooklyn Art Space, at 168 7th Street, 3rd floor (that’s between 2nd and 3rd avenues, Brooklyn).

"Lifeworld 33", oil on canvas, 20x20in., 2015.
“Lifeworld 33”, oil on canvas, 20x20in., 2015.

On Saturday night Gowanus Swim Society hosts Telestrations, the official Gowanus Open Studios Saturday night party!  See more of my art along with work by all of the Swim Society plus specially curated video and performance and live bands!  The party runs from 6pm to 4am.  The party is at Halyards, 3rd Avenue and 6th Street (Brooklyn, of course).  All the details are on the Facebook event page.

"Transatlantic train to nowhere", mixed media, 20x20", 2015. Included in Gowanus Swim's show "Telestrations" at Halyards
“Transatlantic train to nowhere”, mixed media, 20×20″, 2015. Included in Gowanus Swim’s show “Telestrations” at Halyards

Whew! It will be a busy weekend!  I hope to see all of you somewhere along the way!

Recently sold

It’s been a busy summer and I’m pleased to have recently sold some paintings.

oil on canvas, 30x30", 2012
“Manomayakaya #2″, oil on canvas, 30×30”, 2012

First Manomayakaya #2 (pictured above), was sold, then this lovely watercolor:

"Red", Watercolor on paper, 6x6", 2011.
“Red”, Watercolor on paper, 6×6″, 2011.

There are several places online where you can see my artwork, besides this blog: First my website, then for a more comprehensive catalog, my flickr page.  I am offering smaller, more affordable works, such as “Red” pictured above, through my Etsy store.

Check out all the great work and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, or info about pricing or availability.

Featured Painting of the Week: Lifeworld 2

My apologies – It’s been quite a few weeks since I’ve posted a “featured painting.” Life has a way of happening.

But better late than never! This week I’m featuring Lifeworld 2, an intriguing work from 2012 — one of the very early pieces in my ongoing Lifeworld Series.  Lifeworld 2 is now available in my Square store.  I am offering free shipping anywhere in the United States.  If you’re in the New York City area and would like to see the piece, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Lifeworld 2, oil on canvas, 20x20in., 2012.
Lifeworld 2, oil on canvas, 20x20in., 2012.

The Lifeworlds Project

Lifeworlds is a long-range painting project I started in 2012.  The project started initially out of a desire to explore the square format in painting. The inspiration for this was not Instagram as one might easily suppose, but the square format Landscape paintings of Gustav Klimt.  I then chanced upon the evocative term “Lifeworld” in the philosophical writings of Edmund Husserl and from the confluence of these two streams the project was born.

"Lifeworld 1", oil on canvas, 20x20" (approx. 50cm2). Summer, 2012. The project starts here!
“Lifeworld 1″, oil on canvas, 20×20” (approx. 50cm2). Summer, 2012. The project starts here!

Now, three years into the project, Lifeworlds continues to evolve and develop. I decided early on that I would continue to make square format paintings under the title of “Lifeworld” until I felt that I had exhausted the possibilities of the format entirely.

In reality, the possibilities of this form may never be exhausted.  Therefore, I thought it best to put a cap on it: so the idea arose to work toward the completion of 108 paintings.

Lifeworld 14, oil on canvas, 20x20", 2013
Lifeworld 14, oil on canvas, 20×20″, 2013

Why 108? Those who know me and have followed my work for a while will also know of my interest in Buddhism, and the influence it’s had on my work.  108 is the number of prayer beads in the Buddhist japa mala (a Buddhist rosary). The number is given various meanings in Buddhist cosmology and additionally simply refers to any proverbial big number in the same way that a “myriad” (literally Greek for “10,000”) has come to stand in for anything large and virtually uncountable.  So, instead of making some infinite number of paintings, I will make 108 to represent that infinity.

Since one of the uses of a rosary or japa mala is to count repetitions of chants or prayers, a nice thing about the number 108 is that it emphasizes how the project becomes a kind of prayer or meditation on the artistic process, and on the artist’s relationship with his environment — what I’m calling a Lifeworld.

"Lifeworld 12" mixed media on canvas, 20x20", 2013.
“Lifeworld 12″ mixed media on canvas, 20×20”, 2013.

So, I see each Lifeworld as a snapshot of a particular state of mind formed when the artist encounters his subject. Although frequently quite abstract, each painting results from the process of observing my surroundings. The square is both the container for the composition and also one of its principal motifs.

As of this writing, the newest Lifeworld pieces are numbers 32, 33 and 34, all completed earlier this year.  The precise imagery continues to evolve and shift, all the while remaining within the parameters of the project: square format and 20″ x 20″ (around 51cm2 — 50.8cm to be exact) in size.

"Lifeworld 32", oil on canvas, 20x20in., 2015.
“Lifeworld 32”, oil on canvas, 20x20in., 2015.
"Lifeworld 33", oil on canvas, 20x20in., 2015.
“Lifeworld 33”, oil on canvas, 20x20in., 2015.

A small note about the size: there are a couple of early Lifeworlds, numbers 5 and 7, that are actually 24×24″ (60cm2).  I was still experimenting with the parameters at this stage; I may end up going back and redoing these to fit the program.

Lifeworld 7, oil on canvas, 24x24in., 2012.
Lifeworld 7, oil on canvas, 24x24in., 2012.

So a big project like this needs help, which leads me to …

How you can help:

A big project and entails certain tangible challenges to the artist (not to mention all the intangible challenges!), not least of which are the cost of materials, the cost of studio space (ever-increasing in New York City) and the potential storage costs (108 paintings take up a lot of space!).

So I’m reaching out to you — dear audience!  There are several ways you can help:

1. Lifeworlds are for sale! Some have sold already. Prices currently run from $800 to $1,200 for each painting.  If you would like to see or purchase a painting (or two or three), contact me.  I do hope to mount an exhibition of all or a selection of the paintings in the future — and how cool would it be for you to have a painting that you own in a major retrospective of my work!

2. I accept tips, donations, contributions … etc. If you’re not up to purchasing a painting at the present time, you can also contribute any amount (no matter how small) toward the project through Venmo (the best! No fees for you or me!) or by clicking the paypal donate button below.  The arts has always existed through the kind generosity of its patrons.

Wow, if you’ve read this far, I really appreciate your interest.  A brief outline of the project (as well as some images) is available on my website, and all of the Lifeworlds can be viewed together on my flickr account.  I’ll continue to post future developments here.  Stay tuned!

Lifeworld 2, oil on canvas, 20x20in., 2012.
Lifeworld 2, oil on canvas, 20x20in., 2012.

Announcing ArtWorks, a benefit for Arts Gowanus

Final Arts Gowanus: artworks
As many of you are aware, my studio is located in the Brooklyn Industrial neighborhood Gowanus, named after the infamous creek/canal called Gowanus (once upon a time it was a salt marsh estuary/creek, but it has been a rather filthy industrial canal for at least the past 150 years).  We have a vibrant community of artists in Gowanus, with many arts events happening each year, including the annual Gowanus Open Studios studio tour, in which I have participated every year since 2007.

Arts Gowanus is our local arts advocacy organization that puts together the studio tour.   Their mission is to support artists and the arts in the Gowanus neighborhood and to create a sustainable artistic community here. In addition to the neighborhood-wide Gowanus Open Studios, Arts Gowanus offers workshops to support artists, and they have built an incredible community of artists through their networking events.

In order to make all this happen, Arts Gowanus needs our support! Hence the benefit event, Artworks, happening Thursday, May 28 7 to 10 pm.  Here’s what’s going to happen, in brief:

The event: 50 pieces of art are offered for 50 ticket holders.  Each ticket holder will walk away with a piece of art.  You can buy a ticket (only $200.00) here: ArtWorks Eventbrite page

If you are unable to make the event, but would like to support Arts Gowanus anyhow, you can also make a donation here: (same eventbrite page for buying tickets: but notice 3rd option to make a donation.)

I am donating my piece “View from beneath the surface 2” (pictured below).  It can be yours for the $200.00 ticket price!  You may remember that this piece was in the Gowanus Swim Society installation on Governor’s Island last fall.

View from beneath the surface 2, oil on canvas, 12" diameter
View from beneath the surface 2, oil on canvas, 12″ diameter

To read more about the event, visit the Arts Gowanus website.  There is also a Facebook event!

I will be there Thursday, May 28 (7-10) and I hope to see you then!

Featured Painting of the Week: Bonsai in Bloom

The featured painting of the week is back after a short hiatus.  This week we have “Bonsai in Bloom,” a painting in acrylic I created in 2010.  The painting is 30 inches wide (about 76cm) and 24 inches tall (60cm).  It is available for sale and is listed in my Square store.  Of course, if you would like to see the painting in person, contact me and we’ll make a date!

"Bonsai in Bloom", acrylic on canvas, 24x30", 2010

This week’s featured painting: Skandha 1 (Torso 1)

In keeping with the theme of the week,  I’ve chosen “Skandha 1 (Torso 1)”, a part of my figurative series, as this week’s feature. You’ll recall that I featured Skandha 3 a few weeks ago.

Skandha 1 (Torso 1), oil on canvas, 24x24in. (60cm2), 2013.
Skandha 1 (Torso 1), oil on canvas, 24x24in. (60cm2), 2013.

Skandha 1 was created in 2013. Oil on canvas, it measures 24 inches (60cm) square.  It is now available through my square store.  If you’d like to see this magnificent painting in person, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Here’s a handy contact form:

Skandha 1 (to the right) and Skandha 3 (left), during the 2013 Gowanus Open Studios.  Skandha 1 is also available.
Skandha 1 (to the right) and Skandha 3 (left), during the 2013 Gowanus Open Studios.

Featured Painting of the Week: ‘Camperdown Pareidolia’

This week’s featured painting is titled “Camperdown Pareidolia.” Completed late in 2010, this painting was a transitional piece between what I was doing throughout most of 2010 (for example Calamus I, completed in early 2010) and the sort of work I starting doing in 2011 and beyond.

"Camperdown pareidolia", mixed media on canvas, 24Hx30W", 2010.
“Camperdown pareidolia”, mixed media on canvas, 24Hx30W”, 2010.

“Camperdown Pareidolia” is 24″ (approx. 60cm) by 30″ (76cm) wide. This piece is “mixed media” on canvas and is noteworthy being composed largely with R&F oil pigment sticks.

The title of piece came about in a sort of unpremeditated way.  The piece was inspired by the Camperdown Elm, a somewhat famous specimen tree in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, so that part’s a given.  I showed it to a friend of mine who felt that she saw a figure in the painting, which is not there (at least not intentionally). She introduced me to the term pareidolia — a pyschological phenomenon where a random sense stimulus (image or sound) is perceived as significant.  The classic example is seeing forms in clouds. This has since become one of my favorite words, even serving as the name of my tumblr blog!

“Camperdown pareidolia” is for sale, and is listed through my Square online store.



Featured painting of the week

Manomayakaya #1 (Guardians at the well of percipience), mixed media on canvas, 30x30", 2011.
Manomayakaya #1 (Guardians at the well of percipience), mixed media on canvas, 30×30″, 2011.

This week’s featured painting is Manomayakaya #1 (Guardians at the well of percipience), a painting I created in 2011.  It is among the earliest (perhaps even the first) of the square canvases I’ve done.

This piece is ‘mixed media’ — in this case acrylic and oil on canvas.

It is currently for sale.  You can see sale details in my Square store here.

Another view of Manomayakaya #1 in my studio among my other paintings.
Another view of Manomayakaya #1 in my studio among my other paintings.


Featured painting of the week: Skandha 3 (Torso 3)

This week’s featured painting is Skandha 3 (Torso 3), a figurative piece I created late in 2013.  I mentioned my figurative work earlier in the week in my post about new Etsy listings.  This week’s featured oil painting is among the larger figurative works I’ve done and this one explores an interesting geometric expression of the figure, almost a kind of mapping or ‘landscaping’ of the human form.  The title draws on Sanskrit Buddhist technical terminology.  At root the word “skandha” means “trunk” as in a tree-trunk. In Buddhist philosophy it refers to the constituent parts of human consciousness, of which physical form is an important part.

Skandha 3 (Torso 3), oil on canvas, 24" square, 2013.
Skandha 3 (Torso 3), oil on canvas, 24″ square, 2013.

The painting is 24 inches square (about 60 cm square).  I’m offering it for direct sale through my square store.  If you’re interested in more figurative work, please visit my Etsy store.  There’s more coming along this year, so stayed tuned for upcoming news or contact me with any questions.

Here’s an easy way to reach me:

Skandha 3 (to the left) along with Skandha 1, during the 2013 Gowanus Open Studios.  Skandha 1 is also available.
Skandha 3 (to the left) along with Skandha 1, during the 2013 Gowanus Open Studios. Skandha 1 is also available. Contact me for details.
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